The Pre-Medical Association provides online access to all important forms and documents pertaining to the organization's activities and events. To view and download required membership forms, Vital Signs, General Meeting powerpoints, Executive Board Meeting minutes, the financial report, or the PMA Constitution, please click on the appropriate link below.

Membership Form

Provided below are links to the Pre-Medical Association Membership Form, Survey, and Waiver. You are not an official member until you fill out the Member Application and PMA Waiver!



The Vital Signs

The Vital Signs is the official newsletter of the Pre-Medical Association. To view or download an issue, click on a link below. For comments, suggestions, or questions, contact Secretary Erica Shin

Spring 2017 GM1

Spring 2017 GM2

General Meeting Powerpoint

Provided below are links to powerpoint presentations from previous General Meetings.

Spring 2017 GM1

Spring 2017 GM2


Financial Report and Executive Board Meeting Minutes

The financial report and executive board meeting minutes are public record. However, due to security reasons, they will not be posted online at this time. To access the most recent files, please contact


The Constitution of the Pre-Medical Association

Provided below is a link to the Constitution of the Pre-Medical Association and its bylaws.