Degree and Major: B.S. Biology

Class standing: Senior 

Semesters in PMA:

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, partaking in adventurous activities, singing, watching shows and movies, and listening to all sorts of music.

Extracurricular Activities: Golden Key International Honour Society, Tutor for YMCA, ACE Mentor, Volunteer at Kapiolani Medical Center, Research at JABSOM

Fun fact: I love to workout, but I also love to eat excessively and drink Oreo milkshakes on a frequent basis, so that leaves me nowhere in terms of getting super fit...

Degree and Major: B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology

Class Standing: Senior

Semesters in PMA: 4

Hobbies: Soccer, Piano, Binge watching Friends, Eating, Sleeping

Extracurricular Activities: Pre-Health/Pre-Law Peer Advisor, Mortar Board Hui Po'okela Chapter, Medical Student Mentorship Program Liaison, Research intern in Biology Department, Hawaii Pre-Health Career Corps Mentor, Volunteer at Kuakini Medical Center

Fun Fact: I can only eat and write with my left hand and everything else I do with my right (bowling, kicking a ball, etc.)

Degree and Major: B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology

Class standing: Junior

Semesters in PMA: 4

Hobbies: Hiking, soccer, Netflix, eating acai bowls, and napping

Extracurricular Activities: PAC Peer Advisor, BIO 172L TI, Golden Key, Volunteer for Straub Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente, Mentor and Tutor for YMCA

Fun fact: Some might say if ping pong gave out black belts, I'd probably have one. Or two. ;)

Degree and Major: B.S. Biology

Class standing: Senior

Semesters in PMA: 5 

Hobbies: Petting dogs, watching Netflix, dying on easy hikes, procrastinating, etc.

Extracurricular Activities: PSorority (Alpha Gamma Delta), part time volunteer for Oahu SPCA

Fun fact: I like animals more than I like people. Especially corgis and except bugs. I hate bugs.

Degree and Major: B.S. Chemistry

Class Standing: Junior

Semesters in PMA: 4

Hobbies: cello, swimming, formerly judo, arts and crafts

Extracurricular Activities: Blood Bank of Hawaii volunteer, Hawaiian Humane Society volunteer, Chemistry Club

Fun Fact: I have an Instagram page for my neighbor's cat

Degree and Major: BA Biology

Class Standing: Senior

Semesters in PMA: 3

Hobbies: Soccer, Surfing, Photography, Cinematography, Art, and Cooking

Extracurricular Activities: Intramural Soccer (Indoor and Outdoor) and Knockerball

Fun Fact: I was miss athletic sophomore year in HS :) 

Degree and Major: B.S. Biology

Class Standing: Sophomore

Semesters in PMA: 3

Hobbies: fishing, diving, baseball, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, cooking, reading books, and learning piano

Extracurricular Activities: Research at Hawaii Academy, Volunteer at Kapiolani, PIH Engage, Pre-Health Career Corps

Fun Fact: I'm very contradictory - I hate mayo but I love spicy ahi and I can't swim but I can dive and snorkel.

Degree and Major: B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology, B.A. Studio Art

Minor/Certificate: Certificate in Mathematical Biology

Class Standing: Senior

Semesters in PMA: 5

Hobbies: Pottery, Reading, Sleeping, Watching Crime Dramas, Growing Succulents

Extracurricular Activities: Associated Students of the University of Hawaii (ASUH), Student Activity and Program Fee Board (SAPFB), Manoa Peer Advisor for the Department of Biology, Mortar Board Hui Po'okela Chapter, Golden Key International Honour Society, Volunteer for the March of Dimes

Fun Fact: I made over 150 pots in one semester (for my ceramics class)

Previous Boards:


Lea Lacar, President

Nick Muneno, Vice President 

Erica Shin, Secretary

Jessica Cabusog, Treasurer

Lindsey Miyamoto, Director of Community Service

Charles Kim, Director of Medical Education

Torbjoern Nielsen, Director of Student Relations

Sylvia Koo, Director of Multimedia & Publications


Sylvia Koo, President

Abraham Kwan, Vice President 

Krissen Lee, Secretary

Jessica Cabusog, Treasurer

Lea Lacar, Director of Community Service

Charles Kim, Director of Medical Education

Jamie Wong, Director of Student Relations

Sean Saito, Webmaster


Daniella Orias, Vice President 

Charlene Caraang, Secretary 

Kellie Kurasaki, Treasurer 

Sylvia Koo, Director of Community Service 

Teresa Porter, Director of Medical Education 

Jennifer Kwock, Director of Student Relations 

Sean Saito, Webmaster


Arantxa Medina, President 

Tiffany Tahata, Vice President 

Daniella Orias, Secretary 

Kellie Kurasaki, Treasurer 

Andrea Orcine, Director of Community Service 

Teresa Porter, Director of Medical Education 

Tenny Pan, Director of Student Relations 

Shawn Tahata, Webmaster


Peggy Su, President 

Loreto Coloma, Jr., Vice President 

Tiffany Tahata, Secretary 

Blake Ishizu / Ruby Sato, Treasurer 

Andrea Orcine, Director of Community Service 

Arantxa Medina, Director of Medical Education 

Marc Uy, Director of Student Relations 

Shawn Tahata, Webmaster


Justin Tao, President

Derek Chun, Vice President

Loreto Coloma, Jr., Secretary

Peggy Su, Treasurer

Marissa Agena, Director of Community Service

Aranxta Medina, Director of Medical Education

Ruby Sato, Director of Student Relations

Blake Ishizu, Webmaster


Valynn Pham, President

Nikolas Bonifacio, Vice President

Sara Watanabe, Secretary

Isabel Realica, Treasurer

Liana Kobayashi, Director of Community Service

Jessica Yuen, Director of Medical Education

Justin Tao, Director of Student Relations 

Modesto Bala III, Webmaster


Sharon Chi, President

Valynn Pham, Vice President

Jennifer Lam, Secretary

Duane Dominguez, Treasurer

Nikolas Bonifacio, Director of Community Service

Elizabeth Abe, Director of Medical Education

Ivan Chik, Director of Student Relations 

Andrew Itsuno, Webmaster


Andrew Itsuno, President

Janet Li, Vice President

Lorrance Majewski, Secretary

Michael Chan, Treasurer

John Patu, Director of Community Service

Sonny Ton, Director of Medical Education

Christopher Chow, Director of Student Relations

Cherie Okada, Webmaster